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We're serving the best smoothies and frozen yogurt in Albuquerque!

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We are locally owned and operated, and love to connect with our customers whenever possible! Find us on Facebook and join the fun, or join Klub Keva for great deals!

Delicious, healthy smoothies and frozen yogurt are our specialty, so jump on the wave and join the Keva lifestyle!

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Welcome to Keva Juice!

Our adventure began many moons ago in search of the juiciest fruit to blend. During our quest we sailed across waters and discovered a hidden island – home of the Kèva people.

These friendly people taught us their secret recipes of blending the finest fruits and juices into nutritious sensational smoothies.

Join the Kèva people, taste the Blendsation!

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Refreshing Smoothies for All!

Refresh and recharge with a fruit-filled smoothie! Made-to-order with the freshest ingredients, you’ll be able to taste the tropics and feel the health. We even offer a variety of health-boosters - One free with each smoothie!

Smoothies are a great addition to anyone’s diet, whether sick, strong, young, or old.

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Delicious YoKeva Frozen Yogurt

Fresh toppings, new flavors all the time, unbelievable could you not fall in love with our delicious and nutritious frozen yogurt? Whether looking for dessert, a pick-me-up, or a healthy snack, Yo Keva is the way to go.

Pick your size, pick your flavors, pick your toppings. With Yo Keva, you get to Make Your Own Happiness!

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